Vigdu-SO Series – String Level Power Electronics


The string optimizer for solar PV systems is a DC/DC converter which is connected serially to a single string, isolates it from the other strings thus addressing the various mismatch problems by eliminating the effect of bad or weak strings on good or strong strings.


Solar power yield improvement starts immediately after installation along with solar panel degradation prevention.

It is also increasing the energy harvesting from both weak & strong strings by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of the string independently of the inverter’s MPPT, while keeping its output voltage at the inverter’s optimized MPPT voltage level. 

In contrast to similar products in the market, which are inverter dependent, Vigdu’s solution can work with any kind of inverter in the market and the desired voltage can be fixed to achieve overall system efficiency rather than merely inverter efficiency as achieved in competitive products. 
Vigdu String Optimizer for solar systems benefits
Basic product 

  • Offers “best of both worlds” solution. From a single string to multiple strings. 

  • Smaller MPP zones means better correction for different mismatches.

  • Isolated strings mean that strong strings are not affected by the weaker ones 

  • Quickly spot problems before they occur (e.g. current leakage) 

  • Flexibility to replace legacy inverters with a cutting-edge lower cost inverter technology 

  • Avoids costly re-wiring and re-trenching in retrofit actions 

  • Allows the use of 1500V inverters in 600/1000/1500V arrays in full rated power 

String Level Optimizer for Solar Panels