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Shikun & Binui Energy (SBE) – NEVATIM_2 – 12.8 MWp

  "For Protection and prevention of PID,

    Vigdu Technologies was the optimal choice"



Tel Aviv, Israel, March 13th 2019, Vigdu Technologies Ltd. (www.vigdu.com), the global PID solutions provider, announced today that Shikun & Binui’s energy subsidiary, Shikun & Binui Energy (SBE), in Israel, has purchased and deployed its Preventive PID measures as a risk management protection in 4 PV plants totaling  37.6 MW AC.  Vigdu Technologies deployed its Vigdu-P-100 Series for string inverters. 

Evsei Berman, Vigdu Technologies CEO: “There are only a few PID solutions providers worldwide, and Vigdu Technologies was chosen after a comprehensive, strict examination and comparison of its products, technology, warranty and service. 

We are proud to work closely with leading PV plant developers, EPC's, Module manufactures and inverter manufactures worldwide, and the cooperation with SBE is a significant and important addition to our customers portfolio".

Tsachy HaCohen Meler, Vigdu Technologies, V.P. markening & Sales: "In the past years PID was not prevented in advance.  This sometimes-caused significant nonrefundable financial losses, until 2017, when PID became a too widespread phenomenon and could not be ignored anymore. This raised red flags for all involved parties as a risk management issue. In the past two years Vigdu Technologies receives on-going orders for future & existing plants, for our PID prevention solutions.

Today investors, banks, insurance companies and EPC's are looking at PID preventive measures from a risk management point of view.  The preventive approach significantly reduces the investment risk, and can shorten the ROI period while increasing profits.  This solution keeps investment returns on track.

Furthermore, project financing, bankability, yield improvement and revenue insurance, project due diligence, etc. are easier when PID prevention actions have been taken from the planning stage of projects."

About Shikun & Binui Energy


The Company engages in the development, financing, construction and operation of power generation plants based on renewable energies, such as: solar energy, hydro, wind and natural gas - in Israel and around the globe.

Shikun & Binui Energy develops utility-scale long-term projects, taking an end-to-end approach, from the initiation stage to financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the project. Shikun & Binui Energy is a leader in large-scale long-term renewable energy projects, developing them out of a holistic end-to-end approach.

As a subsidiary of the Shikun & Binui Group, the company has at its disposal extensive financial resources, a global presence and proven capabilities in implementing complex projects.

Our vision: We envision a sustainable world, with ample power generated by clean power generation plants, using renewable energy resources.

Contact SBE: 
Tel:         +972-3-630-5780
Website:  https://www.shikunbinui.com/en-US/energy 
Email:      REnergy@shikunbinui.com