Vigdu Technologies is a pioneer in Photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions , developing and manufacturing innovative solutions that boost PV power yield.​

We develop products and technology that maximize the value and yield of our customers’ PV investment. 
R&D is the backbone of our organisation. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best solutions to our clients.
By utilising the most up-to-date technologies, we create new designs as well as improve our existing products.
Vigdu has become the partner of choice for customers globally.


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Evsei Berman
Co-Founder, CEO

Evsei brings 20 years of management experience as VP app dev and customer support at Telrad Networks. Evsei has managed over 200 employees and overlooked extensive projects in the Telecom industry. Evsei also served 6 years as a Head of R&D and Customer  Service devision in the Electronic industry in Russia. Evsei also held a position of a G.M. at a large International Agricultural Marketing company in Ukraine.


Evsei holds an M.A. degree in Physics.

Evsei Berman, CO-Founder, CEO of Vigdu - Anti PID Solutions Developer


Ilya Nemenman
Co-Founder, CTO

ilya is a technology master with over 10 years of experience in power R&D engineering. ilya is a serial inventor with extensive technological background both in military and civil applications.

Prior to founding Vigdu, ilya held Development Engineer positions in the Technological Unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps (6 years), and Tigo Energy (3 years).


ilya holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Ilya Nemenman, CO-Founder, CTO of Vigdu - Anti PID Solutions Developer
Doron Rabinovitch
Co-Founder and Sales Director

Doron brings 15 years of experience as VP Sales (CALA & Africa) at Telrad Networks.

Doron also held a position of a G.M. at Ashlad, an Aluminium company. Doron also served 3 years as a Plant Manager at Oram Transformers.


Doron holds a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Doron Rabinovich Co-founder & Sales of Vigdu - Anti PID Solutions Developer
Amos Goldman

Amos joined Vigdu in 2015 as director. Prior to joining Vigdu, Amos has been in the Telecom and HLS sectors for more than 20 years. Amos has held several sales and management positions with Maxtech Technologies, Be-Connected, Telrad Networks as APAC VP Sales of INS Division, and Amboya Investments as Managing Director.

Amos holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University

Amos Goldman, Director of Vigdu - Anti PID Solutions Developer
Tsachy Hacohen Meler
V.P. Marketing and Sales

Tsachy brings 18 years of expertise in Purchasing, Contracting, Negotiations, Logistics and Sales.

Tsachy is in the PV market for over a decade, with vast knowledge and connections in the PV modules and inverters manufacturing, both in purchasing and sales.

Tsachy was purchasing manager for leading EPC's like SBY and G.Systems, in-charge of multi millions USD deals worldwide

Tsachy Hacohen Meler, V.P. Marketing & Sales of Vigdu - Anti PID Solutions Developer
Lev Kempner
Chief Software Architect

Lev brings 22 years of experience of Real-time software development at Telrad Networks. Lev also held a Team Manager position at the Institue of Control Science of Moscow for 8 years.


Lev holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

Lev Kempner, Chief Software Architect of Vigdu - Anti PID Solutions Developer