A High-Tech Solution to PID

Preventive – Restorative - Cost Effective 

Solutions for PID (Potential Induced Degradation) 


Extract the highest yield from solar power at the lowest cost!





EN 61326-1 (2013)

EN 61010-1 (2010)

Vigdu-P 10 Series – residential systems

Anti PID solution for Residential PV Systems Up to 25Kw. 

For your home PV solar system the Vigdu-P 10 device is the ultimate solution to prevent PID and recover your system efficiency from PID power degradation.

Vigdu-P 100 Series - Commercial Systems

Anti PID solution for commercial PV systems.

The Vigdu-P 100 device can connects up to six string  inverter with 2 MPPT's per inverter.
For your commercial PV system the Vigdu-P 100 device is the ultimate solution to prevent PID and

recover your PV system efficiency from power degradation.

Vigdu-P 200 Series - Large Scale Systems

Anti PID solution for PV plants with Central Inverters.

For large-scale PV plants the Vigdu-P 201 device is the ultimate solution to prevent and recover PID.
It is a permanent solution that restores your PV plant 
power yield and revenue. The Vigdu-P 201 supports

one central inverter of up to 1,500 KW and connected in-parallel to the inverter.

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No 1. cost effective Anti PID Device

Serving up to 6 string inverters with one device

Fast Return On Investment

Proven technology & reliable components

Fully analog components design for long term reliability

Suitable for all PV systems

High efficiency and  long operating

Fully automatic operation

Plug  & Play

Remote monitoring (RS485 Optional)

Outdoor IP65

UV Resistance

Extract the highest yield from solar power at the lowest cost!

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