Solar Panel Degradation Prevention Technology

Extract the highest yield from solar power at the lowest cost!


In commercial PV plants even the smallest string mismatch effects efficiency, reducing 2-15% (and more) of the overall energy yield.
String mismatches are practically unavoidable as there are always variations in shading and soiling and more between strings.

Vigdu String Level Optimizer Cost effective, Plug & Play Installation only on mismatched strings solves this problem. 

// VIGDU-SO SERIES – String Level Power Electronics

Vigdu-P 10 Series – residential systems

Anti PID solution for Residential PV Systems Up to 25Kw. 

For your home PV solar system the Vigdu-P 10 device is the ultimate solution to prevent PID and recover your system efficiency from PID power degradation.

Vigdu-P 100 Series - Commercial Systems

Anti PID solution for commercial PV systems.

The Vigdu-P 100 device can connects up to six string  inverter with 2 MPPT's per inverter.
For your commercial PV system the Vigdu-P 100 device is the ultimate solution to prevent PID and

recover your PV system efficiency from power degradation.

Vigdu-P 200 Series - Large Scale Systems

Anti PID solution for PV plants with Central Inverters.

For large-scale PV plants the Vigdu-P 201 device is the ultimate solution to prevent and recover PID.
It is a permanent solution that restores your PV plant 
power yield and revenue. The Vigdu-P 201 supports

one central inverter of up to 1,500 KW and connected in-parallel to the inverter.

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EN 61326-1 (2013)

EN 61010-1 (2010)


No 1. cost effective Anti PID Device

Serving up to 6 string inverters with one device

Fast Return On Investment

Proven technology & reliable components

Fully analog components design for long term reliability

Suitable for all PV systems

High efficiency and  long operating

Fully automatic operation

Plug  & Play

Remote monitoring (RS485 Optional)

Outdoor IP65

UV Resistance

Extract the highest yield from solar power at the lowest cost! 

Prevent Solar Panel Degradation!

Why anti-PID devices are an essential part of Solar PV System?

As solar power becomes more used worldwide, it becomes clear that the primary problem of Solar PV technology and the effective solar system is a power loss due to the unavoidable PID effect.
PID effect in the solar system is caused by numerous factors.

Anti PID device is a necessary (essential) component of any commercial Solar system or plant that consists of solar PV panels and inverters.
Installation of a professional anti PID solution ensures maximum efficiency and the highest yield of solar power as well as longer system use with reduced maintenance or need of panel replacement.